20 Meaningful Chinese Tattoos You Can Get

Enhance and enrich your soul by picking out meaningful Chinese tattoos that match your philosophy.

The popularity of Chinese tattoos among the masses has been around for some time. In the Western parts of the world, Chinese tattoos are taking over tattoo studios. Whenever I have been to a tattoo parlor, I have always found numerous meaningful Chinese tattoos in the parlor’s tattoo design book.

Tattoos are called Ci Shen (Or Wen Shen) in Chinese, and it translates to “puncture the body.” Many people who get these meaningful Chinese tattoos on their bodies don’t realize it was initially considered undesirable.

Through time, our attitude towards tattoos changed, and we are all thankful for it. China has given the world many meaningful Chinese tattoos.

20 Meaningful Chinese Tattoos You Can Get

When I started jotting down the list, I had a lot of trouble because there were many appreciable Chinese tattoos. Finally, I was able to narrow it down to my favorite Chinese tattoos:

1. Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish is respected and loved in Chinese culture as it relates to feng shui. It is considered to be a symbol of fame, wealth, and even family. For many people, it represents strength and perseverance. If all of that didn’t make it appealing enough, some people believe that the koi fish can transform into a dragon. Who would not want to get a fish tattoo that has the potential of turning into a cool dragon?

Apart from the fact that the tattoo is meaningful, another great thing is that it will look good on any part of the body. My suggestion is to get it in colors as that will make it come alive.

2. Chinese Astrology Tatto

One day a friend of mine got a tattoo that attracted me deeply. She explained to me that the tattoo consisted of different Chinese astrology characters. What makes these Chinese astrology tattoos kickass is that they are done in the style of how the Chinese language is written.

If you want to go a different route, you can only get the Chinese zodiac characters. It is always up to you whether you want them to look dainty or like regular animal tattoos. The tattoo's color depends on you, as I have seen them look mindblowing in both black and different colors.

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3. Chinese Flower Tattoo

Were you aware that different flowers convey different emotions in Chinese culture? Moreover, various colors of the flowers also have their meanings. My suggestion is to search up Chinese flowers and choose one meaning that makes sense to you. It is important to remember that it should resonate with you.

I will also advise you to keep the colors of the tattoo in mind. For example, if you are into dark stuff, the color white represents ghosts and death. If you are a warm and sunny person, you can go for pink, which is the color for happiness.

4. Meaning Quote Tattoo

Of course, there are many meaningful Chinese quotes out there, and you can always pick one of those. The other option is to think a little differently and choose a quote that is close to your heart. Once that is done, have it translated into Chinese.

5. Chinese Inspired Colored Print Tattoo

One tattoo that people associate with meaningful Chinese tattoos is one where a scene is depicted in mellow colors. You can choose a setting that is meaningful to you.

6. Yin and Yang Tattoo

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent the concept that when two forces complement one another, the result is something spectacular. It means that the whole is more significant than the components.

7. Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are famous in China. If you love strength, good luck, and power, then make sure to get a dragon tattoo.

8. Words of Power Tattoo

Many people prefer to have powerful words written in Chinese as tattoos. For example, you can get 志 means ambition.

9. Name of an Animal Tattoo

It might seem odd, but many people get the names of animals written in Chinese as their tattoos. If I were to get one, I would get 企鹅 which means penguin.

10. Chinese Hero Tattoo

There are so many Chinese heroes that are beloved by people all around the world. When I say Chinese heroes, I am counting both real-life and mythical. If you have any such hero close to your heart that holds meaning for you, you can always have them tattooed.

11. Names in Chinese

If you are looking to get a meaningful Chinese tattoo, why not get someone’s name? It can be someone who you love or admire. Translate their name into Chinese, and it will be one of your most treasured tattoos.

12. Buddha Tattoo

Buddha tattoos are pretty common among people who are Buddha and inspired by Buddhism. However, I don’t think many other tattoos are as meaningful as this.

13. Base Elements Tattoo

It is a bit Avatar-ish, but you can always get the base elements in Chinese as a tattoo. You can either choose all, one, or some other combination.

14. Chinese Food Tattoo

Food tattoos tell a lot about the person. If you feel close to Chinese food because maybe you love celebrating Chinese New Year, where the whole family gathers, you can get a tattoo to symbolize it.

15. Phoenix Tattoo

The mythical creature of the phoenix is present in many cultures. Chinese culture holds a lot of importance as it signifies, strength, and other good things. A colorful phoenix tattoo covering the entire back would be a beauty to behold.

16. Turtle Tattoo

Tattoo turtle

Were you aware that turtles also hold importance in the Chinse culture? They are revered as they are a symbol of intelligence, patience, and tranquillity. If you \want to be a bit creative, you can get a tattoo of Master Oogway from the movie called Kung Fu Panda. He was a tortoise that had all the traits I mentioned above.

17. The Symbol for Love Tattoo

Are you a romantic? If so, then a good idea for you would be to get the word love in Chinese tattooed. The symbol is 爱, and it can go on your wrist or even a finger. If you love sprucing things up, have the tattoo in different colors.

18. The Symbol for Family Tattoo

Family holds a lot of importance in Chinese culture. It would be appropriate to say that the heart of society is the family system in the culture. If you feel the same way, get the Chinese word for the family as a tattoo which is 家庭.

19. Festival of Lights Depiction

In Chinese culture, the Festival of Lights or Yuan Xiao Festival is celebrated. It is when the deceased are honored. You can get a depiction of it on your back.

20. Dragon Dance Tattoo

Dragon dance during the Chinese New Year is a traditional dance that is beloved by all. It is believed that the longer the dragon dances, the more luck it will bring to the people.

I have outlined some of the most visually appealing Chinese tattoos that are also meaningful. The list is certainly not complete, and if you have any more ideas, leave a comment below and let me know.