71 Compliments for Men That Actually Work

We've all been there. We want to give someone a compliment, but we're not sure what would work best. After all, it's not easy to strike the right balance between being too cheesy and too basic. Well, worry no more! In this blog post, you'll discover the perfect compliments for men that will leave them feeling appreciated and respected every single time!

Men deserve to be complimented with the same gusto that women are complimented with. Compliments for men are something that everyone should keep in mind. I have seen that guys really appreciate it when someone gives them a compliment. Since they aren’t praised as often as women are, they feel it in their bones when someone says something nice to them.

I believe that every man deserves to know all the nice things about them. The way you can make the men in your life feel truly liked and cherished is to use any compliments for men. You shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to make them feel valued. Grab any and every opportunity to make them feel loved and use compliments for men.

What Kind of Compliments Do Guys Appreciate?

While each man is unique and the compliments should be tailored to their personality, I have found a few commonalities that they appreciate when it comes to compliments for men.

  • Be genuine in your compliments for men. While it is encouraged to hype them up and a little exaggeration works, make sure to never lie.
  • If you choose to say compliments for men that target their physical features, make sure to do it respectfully. Overtly sexual compliments are not always welcomed unless you are close to the guy.
  • Contrary to popular belief, men do have feelings. So, while they appreciate being complimented on their features and bodies, it is a good idea to switch it up and use compliments for men that compliment their intangible aspects like their mind, belief system, manner of speaking, etc.
  • When doling out compliments for men that are based on an occasion, make sure to be specific in your compliments. If they look great in a color, make sure to say that to them.
  • Men love it when you notice the things that they care about or are working toward/on. Use compliments for men that target their hard work and ambitions.

Best Compliments For Men to Make Them Happy

  1. You know what I have noticed? You are so handsome that no matter what you wear, it looks amazing on you. I bet that you can take a bad outfit and elevate it to the highest level.
  2. Your smile is one of those smiles that just looking at it makes everyone else smile. How do you do that? Don’t believe me but you are the reason so many people around you smile.
  3. Do you know why I love looking into your eyes? Every time I look into them, I see passion, warmth, and love for everyone. Your kind face is unlike any other and I just feel so comfortable around you.
  4. Is it your aftershave or your perfume? Whatever it is, you smell amazing. It’s so refreshing to come across someone who takes such good care of their hygiene.
  5. Hands down, your smile is my favorite smile in the entire world. I hope that you will experience all the best things so that you keep smiling forever and I can just look at you.
  6. Your personality is that kind that is just full charisma. You don’t even know it but you drive women crazy. They are naturally attracted to your cute face and your aura.
  7. There is absolutely no one like you. You don’t even try to show off or do anything special but you are literally the best man on this planet. If I saw a whole crowd of women running after you, I would join them.
  8. Your optimism is one of the best things about you. It is so inviting and refreshing. Whenever I am feeling stressed out, I just think about what you would say and do. You are a literal ray of sunlight.
  9. If it was possible, I know that you would fart rainbows like a unicorn, I am convinced of it. There is no one more innocent or pure. The sincerity you carry within you is unmatched and reminds me of an angel.
  10. You have no idea how much respect I have for your self-discipline when it comes to your health. I mean, the results are obvious, your body is so well-toned. It’s amazing how you take care of yourself and your body.
  11. You are one of the few treats of life that I can’t live without. You are sweet and tempting and I just can’t say no to you. You are the perfect combination of cute and hot.
  12. I don’t say this to a lot of people but you have the most symmetrical and pleasing face, like Jensen Ackles. I can’t keep my eyes off of you and I blame your fantastic smile, centered nose, and bright-as-the-sun smile.
  13. I don’t think that I am biased when I say that there is no actor in Bollywood who is better-looking than you. I swear, if you get into the whole acting gig, you will put all these actors out of business. You would have a huge legion of fans.
  14. Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I have to say this. Your skin is so great that I am a little envious. I mean, you are always hearing about how men use things like hand soap to wash their face yet have the most perfect skin and I guess, it’s true.
  15. Do you know why I like hugging you so much? It’s because your arms are so big and strong that they feel like the safest place to be. I guess it would be fair to say that you are my safe haven and I hope that you always remain one.
  16. Oh, I am so sorry, I just realized that I was staring at you constantly. It’s just that you have such amazing long and curly eyelashes. I’ll admit, I am a little jealous. They are just sweeping and framing your eyes perfectly. Your eyes are gorgeous too, by the way.
  17. It might seem like I am attracted to you just because you are hot but that’s not the only reason. The truth is that you are one of the most sincere and genuine men I have ever met. I admire your personality so much, you have no idea.
  18. It’ll sound a little silly but sometimes, I internally whoop because you are my boyfriend. C’mon, how did I ever bag such a gorgeous man who is also the kindest and sweetest person alive? It’s like I hit the jackpot of boyfriends.
  19. Do you know that I sometimes feel intimated by you? In a good way. It’s just that you have such a bomb personality that I am one hundred percent floored by you.
  20. In all my life, I have never seen someone as kind as you know. You might not have paid attention to it but you are kind to everyone we meet and I love that. I am so proud that you are my boyfriend because of the warmth you exude.
  21. Do you know what was the first thing about you that I liked? It was your humor. I have been constantly smiling or laughing since I met you and it’s because I love your sense of humor.
  22. I think that you are remarkable. I have never met a man like you. You’re like fresh air to me. You know how to treat everyone perfectly. I don’t know how you do it but you make everyone feel welcome and liked.
  23. I have a whole list of things that I like about you. I love how mesmerizing your eyes are. I like how the room lights up when you smile. I also love your voice.
  24. Boy, I have to say that your heart might be gold but your body seems to be made of steel. Wow.
  25. I can’t help but say that your style is immaculate. The way you carry your clothes is remarkable. You should teach other men and name your class something like “How to Look Super Hot”.
  26. You don’t need to be a king to win my approval. You already seem like royalty what with your poised mannerisms and intelligence. Your picture should definitely be in a museum, not because you are art or anything. You should have your own section where you are called a hottie.
  27. I think that I must have done some good deeds in my life that I got to meet you. I mean, look at you, absolute perfection. How do you ever expect me to take my eyes off of you? Truthfully, you only have yourself to blame.
  28. Whenever I think of you, not only because I like you a lot but also because you are so gallant and strong. You are so sexy that I blush when I think about it too much.
  29. Hey, I have always admired your demeanor and intelligence. It’s very attractive how smart you are. I always love that you never have to think long to come up with an answer to any question.
  30. I think you are just swell. Since the day I met you, I have lost a part of myself and I don’t mind. How could I when I have the most captivating man with me?
  31. I think that every part of you is perfect, whether it’s your body or mind. I love how emotional you are. It’s so refreshing to come across a man who expresses himself and is strong.
  32. For most people, your best quality would probably be your hot body or your voice. For me, it’s how secure you are. I see that you are completely comfortable in your skin and there is nothing sexier than that.
  33. Believe me or not but you have taught me what beauty is. It’s not because of your 1000-watt smile but who you are. You are beautiful inside and out. There aren’t many people who are as good inside as they are outside but you are.
  34. I have to thank you. Before you, I had not met a man so sexy that it made me want to pass out. It’s a completely new experience for me and now I owe you one. I would love to take you out and pay you back in experience.
  35. If I come across a handsome man, my heart skips a beat. The thing is that when I look at you, it feels like all my organs flicker and I just lose all sense of where I am and who I am. You have an immense hold on me and I think that you are a knockout.
  36. Hi, someone asked me to show them an example of someone who exudes raw magnetism and I showed them a picture of you. I hope that is okay but you were just the most perfect example.
  37. How is it that whenever I search for pictures of hot men on Google, your pictures show up? I do agree with the results.
  38. There was a poll earlier on who the most striking man is. I should tell you that I voted for you and I am sure that you will win. I think everyone with eyes will vote for you because no other option makes sense.
  39. I hope you’ll believe me that I don’t go around flirting but I can’t help myself in front of you. How can I look at the way you laugh and not say that it stops my breath?
  40. I don’t think that I should be blamed for my brain short-circuiting when I am near you. It’s completely automatic. You just have that effect on me and I blame your damn beautiful smile.
  41. When you speak, it’s like honey being poured into my eyes. Your voice is godly and strong enough a pull back a person from the brink of death. I think you should be in a band and singing.
  42. Your presence is electric. I feel alive when I am next to you. Your positivity lifts me off my feet. You are the kind of person who knows how to live every moment to the fullest and I admire that so much.
  43. Do you know how hot you are? You are so arresting that you can commit a crime but they will never put you in jail. Good-looking people like you will have everything they want.
  44. I think it wouldn’t be fair to compare you to a dessert of any kind because the dessert will lose, for sure. You are sweeter than cotton candy. It is because of your sweet words that I smile all the time.
  45. I have found out your secret. I know you say that you are healthy because you work out and more but that’s not true. You are so fit because you are always sprinting through my mind.
  46. I love your light-heartedness and ability to shrug things off. I will admit that your sarcasm always makes me laugh. If there was an award for best sarcasm, you would get it, hands down.
  47. I don't know how you do it, you look amazing even if you throw the most mismatched pieces together. You are one man who doesn’t need to worry about picking the right top for a pair of jeans because you look good no matter what you wear.
  48. Hi, I am sorry but I have an arrest warrant for you. My report tells me that you are entirely responsible for global warming. We can’t have everyone melting because of your hotness.
  49. I might be crazy but you are the only one who can match my level of unhingedness. Thanks for making me laugh till my stomach hurts. Thanks for having the most kind and soulful eyes that I have ever seen.
  50. It might sound a little weird but I am sure that I am as addicted to you as people are to their mobiles. You are suave and charming, a girl can’t be blamed for falling for you hard.
  51. Your dynamic personality has cast a spell on me. I am entranced by your charms. I am captivated by your face. I can’t go one second of a day without thinking about you. You truly live in my head without paying any rent.
  52. I don’t think you understand how fascinating you are. You might have not paid attention but women crush on you right and left. When you talk, people hang on to every word of yours and they never want you to stop. That’s saying something, isn’t it?
  53. What would you say if I told you that you are the most huggable person I have ever seen? It’s because of how cute you are. You are the most adorable man ever and I hope you stay like this forever.
  54. You are one in a million and you are always on my mind. I stop in my tracks every time my eyes fall on you. To this day, I find you to be the most incredible man I have had the pleasure of meeting.
  55. You seem like a man written by Jane Austen. You are strong and formidable but still lovely. You are intelligent and worldly but still not proud. You care about the important things in life and have honor.
  56. I don’t know how you do it but you are the perfect combination of the mysterious but hot guy in a novel and the most warm person ever. I never get tired of spending time with you because you are so interesting.
  57. You can talk to me for hours and hours on end and I will never get bored. Every word out of your mouth sounds like the best thing I have ever heard. I know it seems like I am losing my mind but I am just hypnotized by you.
  58. I have to tell you stop smiling. I know it sounds harsh but I can’t concentrate on anything whenever you smile. I lose all my focus because your smile is blinding and life-giving.
  59. You don’t know how much I adore your goofiness. It cracks me up. Everyone around you loves how silly you are. It brings light and life to their world.
  60. It sounds contradictory but boy, you are my biggest strength but also my most hard-hitting weakness. I can’t imagine not seeing your beautiful face every day. You make my life worth living.
  61. I can’t help but fall in love with you every time you look my way. Your gaze holds so much comfort. The way you speak is so soft and comforts everyone who listens to you. You are cuter than a teddy bear.
  62. I don’t feel hesitant to admit that you are the guy of my dreams. You are it and so much more. I could have never asked for a better man. You possess qualities that are not found elsewhere. Thank you for being the man you are.
  63. You ooze charisma. It’s like you took a masterclass in being the hottest man alive. You definitely have some tricks up your sleeve because there is no way that you are just that amazing, right?
  64. You are a thing to marvel at. When you are in front of me, everything and everyone around me disappears. You occupy the center stage in my life. If I were to get a little cheesy, I would say that you are the gravitational pull in life.
  65. Will I sound a little vain if I say I love your height? It’s not only a visual factor but it makes me feel safe. You make me feel safe. When you are next to me, I feel like nothing can ever harm us.
  66. If people call me a queen, they don’t understand that it’s only because you make me feel like that. You are my king and the love of my life. I have the best life thanks to you.
  67. You are the perfect mixture of hot, tall, and handsome.
  68. You must be a wizard because you make me fall for you over and over again.
  69. How do you manage to be the most smartly dressed and most handsome man in every room?
  70. You are the strongest man I have ever met and you inspire me with your strength every single day.
  71. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate men like you who truly embody love and respect in their conversations. Your genuine and caring nature shines through every word you speak, making others feel valued and heard. It's refreshing to witness someone who understands the importance of treating others with kindness and empathy. Your ability to foster genuine connections with others serves as a beautiful example, and I commend you for consistently displaying true love and respect in your interactions.

It's important to remember that everyone is different, so what one person might find to be a genuine compliment, another person might not. The best way to find out what kind of compliments a man appreciates is to simply ask him. Tell him that you want to give him genuine compliments, but you want to make sure that they're things that he'll actually appreciate. He'll be happy to help you out.

Compliments for men are ones that make them feel seen and liked. They should make them feel like they are unique and they matter. By using these compliments for men, you will essentially be telling them that you treasure every part of them. Make sure to let me know of any other compliments you can think of in the comment section below.