How Do You Know if Someone is Your Soulmate? 8 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Are you in search of a deep, passionate connection? Have you been wondering if the person you're with is your soulmate? This article will help you answer the question of how to determine if someone is your soulmate. Read on to learn more about recognizing true compatibility and finding a soulmate connection.

You might wonder, is there even a way to find out if someone is your soulmate? To the answer, we often wish to time travel or read someone's mind.

Indeed, the answer to this question is not easy peasy, but there is definitely a way to find out whether he/she is the one you are looking for.

To begin with, your soulmate will always stand out from the other relationships. He or she will ensure that a relationship is developed into a lifelong and intimate bond.

Your soulmate will be there for you, love you to the moon and back, and ensure constant support. But that's not all.

He or She is Your Soulmate if:

  1. Lets you into the depths of their soul
  2. Someone you can constantly lean on
  3. Provides you true support with no strings attached
  4. Will always forgive you
  5. Overlooks your shortcomings
  6. You mean the whole world to them
  7. Guides you with their experience
  8. Keeps the spirit of the relationship alive

1. Let You into the Depths of Their Soul

Opening your heart to someone and telling them "I love you" may be scary to say, but it's definitely worth putting your heart out for your soul mate.

The ability to let our guard down and remove the masks we use to protect ourselves takes great strength. Vulnerability is letting someone into the recesses of your soul and risking that they may end up letting you down.

While being vulnerable may be scary, the benefits and potential victory that it can bring are more than worth it. This is where you know if both souls can align to be one.

Protip: Make a list of everything you love about your soulmate and give it to him/her to read and preserve for all times to come.

Soulmates can be poles apart; for example, you may love reading while your partner may be a party person. Your temperaments may differ, but the core values and traits will always be the same. This is where the spark of the connection is.

The Reality of Being Soulmates

While interests, passion, and preferences matter, our beliefs and values decide what kind of people we really are. Do you value kindness above all? Does your life revolve around your family? Are you constantly pursuing greater goals? Do you want to make yourself happy in the present moment?

Your answers will lead you down different paths in life. They fuel your most important decisions, and they motivate your greatest sacrifices.

  • Do you and your partner share the same values?
  • Are you both work-oriented?
  • Do you both value family life?
  • Which is more important to each of you; loyalty or self-respect?
  • Adventure or stability? What do both of you want?

You recess into each others' souls when you both share the same core values, even if you both seem like different people. Your lives will be headed in the same direction.

You share a similar perspective in life, so don't worry if you and your partner have opposite traits. Don't worry if they like things that you don't like. Like-mindedness will always recess into the soul, and your different personalities will always complement each other.

2. A Soulmate is Someone You Lean on and Feel Safe

Imagine heading to bed at the end of a long day, the satisfaction of knowing you have someone to lean on, and the safety you feel when sharing a lovely moment.

This is where you will find your soulmate on whom you can always rely and feel safe around him/her.

You will always find a shoulder to lean on, an ear that will always be there to listen, and constant care that keeps a check on your well-being. You can completely rely on him/her with the constant comfort being offered.

Pro tip: Plan a spa day for you and your soulmate. We all deserve a bit of pampering every once in a while. What better way to spend it than enjoying each other's company in a relaxed atmosphere?

A soulmate feels like home:

  • Spending time with a soulmate eases your nerves
  • Holding their hands calms you down
  • Talking to a soulmate makes you happy
  • A soulmate helps you relax and escape from the rest of the world

Why Do Soulmates Make Us Feel Safe and Comfortable?

How can you completely relax with them? This can only happen if you trust them with all your heart with your secrets and weaknesses. You are not afraid to let your guard down. Similarly, your soulmate isn't afraid to show you their weaknesses either.

Genuinely trusting each other is one of the signs that you have a soulmate in life. Without this strong bond, you would never be comfortable, and you'd stay on your guard whenever your partner is around.

According to several studies in the psychology of bonding, a frustrating relationship significantly increases anxiety levels.

For example, if you are afraid to let your partner see you without makeup or a hairdo, you can't really relax in front of him/her. If you don't trust your partner enough to see through imperfections then they are not your soulmate.

You have to be totally yourself, and their presence should be a safe haven. This is how you completely lean on your soulmate.

3. Ensures Unconditional Support

Genuine support from your soulmate has no strings attached. It's based on believing in the individual rather than the cause or idea.

Your soulmate will muster up every ounce of confidence and support for you and help you achieve your goals. If your world has just one person who can empower you, think of all the great things that can happen as a result. Let's observe how the weight of your soulmate's support can lift you to greater heights.

Pro tip: Know your soulmate is going through a rough patch? Fill a box with some of their favorite treats and make them a care package gift box.

It is interesting to note that your soulmate is your biggest supporter in life. He/she will not only stand by you on every step but will cheer for every single achievement of yours. This is because they want your dreams to become a reality.

A soulmate clearly provides unintentional support for your life's goals and achievements.

Soulmates Always Prioritize Your Relationship's Happiness

People most commonly get frustrated in a relationship when personal happiness becomes a priority. What's important here to ask is; does your partner care about your happiness?

Do they want to see you successful and empowered, even if that means sacrificing themselves for you?

For example, you have just secured an amazing job opportunity abroad. Naturally, that will require you to travel and leave him/her behind. In any regular relationship, traveling abroad for a job might be a 'no' straightaway.

However, your soulmate will provide unconditional support for your dreams. They know how much it means to you and the hard work that's to be put in.

He/she will be lonely without you but will give you unwavering support because your happiness is their priority.

4. Your Soulmate Will Always Forgive You

We sometimes fear that our mistakes are too big to be forgiven and that our apologetic hearts will be met with resistance and anger. However, your soul mate will always find kind words and will overlook your mistakes.

Indeed, those kind words against your mistakes can erase even the most intense emotions. A soulmate will be there through thick and thin and standing with you to ensure you have no trouble looking at yourself in the mirror.

He/she will not only forgive you but help you improvise your mistakes and conquer your fears.

Pro tip: Pick up the phone, swallow your pride, and call your partner to sort out things you have always wanted to do.

5. A Soulmate Sees Beyond Your Shortcomings

You might have consciously or unconsciously caused pain to one another. Do those feelings of pain negate all of the shared memories, laughs, tears, and the strong bond you two have with each other?

The answer is undoubtedly no. A soulmate pushes away their ego simply because the relationship is something worth fighting for. It's always about seeing beyond the mistakes and shortcomings of each other.

Pro tip: Remember, we all make mistakes. Make it up and forget whatever you are baselessly fighting about.

Has your partner supported you in the worst times of life? When going gets tough, you will clearly see the difference between the support of a soulmate and other relationships.

For example, losing a job after years of smooth sailing and success. You are demotivated, and everything in life seems far from being better.

Litmus Check

In this scenario, here is a litmus check: your partner stands by or leaves you alone to struggle.

If your partner abandons you in such worst times, you have not found your soulmate yet because your soulmate will stand by you no matter how tough it gets.

Whether you are down or at your best in life, this person is by your side every step of the way. You will find your soulmate always rooting and cheering for you and excited to see what is next in your life.

Your struggle will be their struggle, and their support will always be a replacement for your shortcomings.

6. You Mean the World to Them

Time spent with your soulmate will remind you how much you mean. He/she will never make calculations as to the best time, best place, and moment to share their feelings.

For your soulmate, every moment is the right moment to tell you he or she loves you, cares for you, and that you mean the world to them.

Whether it's :

  • You already know how much he/she loves you.
  • Shouldn't you be the first one to say?
  • You love him/her and they know this already.

They Share Their Feelings and are Open to Reciprocity

They might as well be waiting to hear similar feelings from you. In this landscape of a relationship, such mutual feelings are the essential ingredients.

Pro tip: Make a playlist of songs that remind you of him/her and gift it to them. Include a small greeting card letting him/her know how each song reminds you of them.

A soulmate will not magically fall into your life. If you think you will bump into your soulmate in a cinema or cafe, you are mistaken. This relationship requires an investment of time, effort, and hard work to come into existence.

You will only mean the world to your soulmate due to years of commitment and loyalty.

Just as a soulmate isn't found in love at first sight, similarly, they are not flawless or even ideal at times. In fact, they could be the exact opposite. What's more important are the core values, connection, and mutual feelings of love for each other.

7. Guides You Through with Their Experience

A soulmate's experiences, both good and bad, are gifts of wisdom bestowed on you which may not only come in the form of advice but also practical steps.

By drawing on our experiences to offer comfort and guidance to each other, the duo transforms a simple experience into a life lesson.

This can save each other from untold stress and frustration. This is purely out of love and genuine care for each other's well-being.

With a genuine and heartfelt approach, a bond becomes eternal which will help you all the time in the form of constant encouragement from each other.

A soulmate is just not your friend or a partner, but rather he/she enters your life to teach you something. A soulmate challenges you, pushes you to improve, and encourages you to chase your passions. They even motivate you to abandon your vices.

Throughout your life, your soulmate will be your guiding light, teacher, and your guru whom you can always look up to.

They are Your Teacher

Have you ever known someone who works on recognizing your fears and helps you to conquer them? Or work on your insecurities?

It is important to understand that everyone's perspective on a relationship may differ. Sometimes in silence, neither of the partners feels like working on the other person or communicating about each other's shortcomings.

This is because they're either afraid to confront or are not willing to get into the depth of things. Hence, such relationships don't have a soulmate on either side.

Your soulmate will be your guiding torch and will always be a building block for your shining future.

8. Keep the Spirit of the Relationship Alive

Your soulmate will always keep the relationship exciting. He/she will always find different opportunities to awaken your spirit and imagination.

New surroundings always bring new perspectives, new opportunities, and a renewed sense of well-being. Pulling each other away from daily routine to something exciting in life is an exercise that rejuvenates the essence of this relationship.

When you spend quality time together away from daily happenings, you get a chance to explore more about each other. Furthermore, when you try something new together, you end up knowing each other well and have more fun memories to cherish.

Pro tip: Go on a day trip to somewhere new and exciting. Traveling, even locally, can awaken your spirits and wake up your imagination.

Signs of an Everlasting Lively Relationship with a Soulmate

  • You feel confident around him/her.
  • You know in your heart that the relationship will last an eternity.
  • Your soulmate is the source of your strength.
  • A soulmate encourages you to take on life's challenges.
  • Empower you to try new and creative things in life.
  • Helps you overcome shortcomings.
  • Your soulmate is fully invested in a relationship.

Protip: If things don't work the first time, your soulmate will stand by you again and again until it works out.

Concluding Thoughts

Remember, your soulmate will slowly recess into your soul, and you will definitely know if he or she is the one made for you.

Traveling down the road of life single-handedly is most certainly possible. However, the joy and happiness created when one person finds their counterpart in another cannot be measured.

You can have a hand in the happiness of another, and all it takes is keeping your eyes, mind, heart, and soul open to see how soulmate connections are made.

Don't expect the magic of the universe to tell you when you have found your soulmate; instead, pay attention to the way your partner makes you feel. Examine the role your partner plays in your life and envision your future.

If you can't imagine life without your partner, then you have really found your soulmate. Express yourself with these soulmate quotes so they know much you care.