100 Hobbies For Women To Have A Beautiful Life Filled With Fun

Do you ever feel like your life is becoming too mundane and you need to make it more interesting? Are you looking for ways to spice up your daily routine without changing much of it? If yes, this blog post will offer 100 hobbies that women can explore in order to lead a beautiful and fun-filled life. From painting to gardening, there are so many activities that can be done with the same level of enthusiasm, creativity and joy. Let's dive right into these amazing ideas!

In This Article

Everyone on this planet desires a fulfilling life brimming with happiness, regardless of their gender. And when it comes to women, there's something truly remarkable that enhances our mood, ignites our creativity, and brings us tranquility - hobbies.

As a woman, I have had the fortune to come across many activities that have helped me curate precious experiences.

Do you feel that you have a lot of leftover energy at the end of the day? Buckle up, I have 100 activities for women that will help you make better use of your time.

1. Reading

Reading will always top my list of hobbies for women and is one that I recommend to all my readers. It expands the mind and allows you to visit every part of the world in a way.

  • Why: You can learn new stuff
  • Suitable for: Relaxing, learning something new, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: If you read a few pages a day, you will have read a lot of books by year-end
  • Tip: Choose books on the topic that you are passionate about
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

2. Writing

Once you start reading a book every day, you will realize that you are so much more adept at creating beautifully structured and written pieces.

  • Why: The written word is an art form that will be relevant till the end of time
  • Suitable for: Communication, journaling, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Beautifully written letters, consolidated thoughts, and increased reasoning skills
  • Tip: Adopt different styles of writing to challenge yourself
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

3. Cooking

Cooking is perfect to improve not only what’s on your dinner table but also your dexterity as it requires you to peel, chop, and stir.

  • Why: It is an important survival skill
  • Suitable for: Learning new dishes, preparing food for parties, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Being independent and skilled at an important life skill
  • Tip: Start with basic recipes like making ramen, chicken and rice, or soups
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies on the dish

4. Gardening

Gardening is one activity that is guaranteed to help you feel more connected to our planet. In our time where climate change is impacting all souls, creating a garden haven will help you and the people around you.

  • Why: It feels good to get your hands dirty and do physical labor
  • Suitable for: Planting new flowers and plant species
  • Positive Outcomes: Beautification and making the planet greener
  • Tip: Keep a small potted plant and nurture it to assess your gardening skills
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

5. Dancing

If you, like me, don’t particularly like lifting heavy weights, then dancing is for you as it is one of the hobbies for women, a form of workout. Start easy by watching a few tutorials on YouTube.

  • Why: Physical activity is beneficial for good health
  • Suitable for: Energizing yourself, flexibility, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Dancing will improve your balance and body's rhythm
  • Tip: Pair up with a buddy and learn a dance style that interests both of you
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins a day

6. Singing

I would be the first one to tell you that you don’t need a good singing voice to take up singing as a hobby. Remember, hobbies for women are there to enrich your life, not impress others so sing your heart out.

  • Why: It uplifts your spirits
  • Suitable for: Keeping yourself engaged and entertained
  • Positive Outcomes: Exercising your vocal cords
  • Tip: Choose songs that you love
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

7. Playing a Musical Instrument

If you’re searching for hobbies for women to take up that will make you look cool, then I would recommend learning to play any musical instrument. It will definitely put a few notches in your charisma belt.

  • Why: Impress yourself and your friends
  • Suitable for: Relieving stress and improving memory
  • Positive Outcomes: Become the life of any party by playing your instrument
  • Tip: Get a few introductory classes before buying your instrument to gauge if you are truly interested in learning it
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

8. Traveling

Traveling is one of the hobbies for women that you would need money for. However, the great thing about traveling is that you don’t always need a lot if you adjust your priorities. You can travel extensively if you couch surf and backpack your way.

  • Why: Learn about your planet via traveling
  • Suitable for: Broadening your horizon, learning about people, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Gain knowledge about your surroundings and become one with the people on the road
  • Tip: Start out local first then move on to international traveling
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Depends on your itinerary

9. Volunteering

By becoming a volunteer, you will give back to your community. I personally think that volunteering is one activity that gives true meaning to one’s life.

  • Why: Altruism is the way for this world to move forward
  • Suitable for: Connecting with others, bettering the world, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Increase your empathy while helping others have better lives
  • Tip: Volunteer at an institute or charity whose mission aligns with your belief system
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 1 hour a day

10. Yoga

While yoga might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I suggest that you try it out. It will only benefit you by strengthening your muscles and centering you.

  • Why: Finding your center is the key to living a peaceful life
  • Suitable for: Connecting with the innermost part of yourself
  • Positive Outcomes: Improved health, flexibility, and state of mind
  • Tip: Search the easiest courses online if you are a beginner
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 25 mins a day

11. Birdwatching

If you like animals, then birdwatching is for you. Whenever I birdwatch, I make sure to concentrate on only a few types of birds and gather all knowledge about them beforehand.

  • Why: It is a fun activity that can keep you engaged for hours
  • Suitable for: Learning new facts about birds
  • Positive Outcomes: Once armed with knowledge, you can take part in birdwatching competitions
  • Tip: Read up about only two to three species and head out to find them
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

12. Sewing

How many shirts or pants have you thrown away because it got a little tear or a button came loose? Learn to sew and not only fix your clothes but also create new outfits.

  • Why: You will be able to handle all fashion mishaps
  • Suitable for: Immersing yourself in the activity to relax
  • Positive Outcomes: You can create entire outfits
  • Tip: If you are a beginner, learn to sew a pretty handkerchief first
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 45 mins a day

13. Painting

Take out the colors hidden in you and splatter them all on a canvas or a simple notebook. Don’t worry about being technical or the color theory; just have fun.

  • Why: It allows you to express yourself through colors
  • Suitable for: Flourishing creativity, expressing yourself, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: You will have artwork to hang up or gift to someone else
  • Tip: Buy small canvases at first and practice on them
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

14. Photography

You already know how to take photos from your phone, but how can you level up? Before investing in a professional camera, I would like to give you the idea of learning the basics of photography for sure success.

  • Why: It is important to capture the fleeting moments of life
  • Suitable for: Keeping records of an event, catching the beauty of the moment, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: You will have content to create detailed photo albums every year
  • Tip: Search up the specs of your phone and see how you can use your phone camera's functions to take pro pictures
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

15. Trekking

The much scarier version of hiking is trekking. Every time I have trekked, I have felt that it is the perfect exercise to rejuvenate not only my body but also my brain and emotions.

  • Why: Challenge yourself to a difficult physical activity
  • Suitable for: Increasing stamina
  • Positive Outcomes: Feel a sense of accomplishment every time you finish a trek
  • Tip: Search for groups that take people trekking, as trekking is easiest when it is done with others
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Depends on the trek you choose

16. Calligraphy

You can learn calligraphy easily with just a few tutorial videos and a few tools like a fountain pen, ruler, ink, brush, etc.

  • Why: The art of writing beautifully is one that is respected all over the world
  • Suitable for: Relaxing and being completely involved in an activity
  • Positive Outcomes: Design invitation cards or simply sell your work
  • Tip: Always use high-quality paper
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

17. Pottery

This is one of the specialized hobbies for women; hence I would definitely suggest that you take a pottery class for it. Once you excel at it, the world of pottery will be your oyster (or your pot if we’re going to be finicky about it).

  • Why: The feel of creating something out of clay is unmatched
  • Suitable for: Alleviating your worries
  • Positive Outcomes: Join the world of potters and have beautiful pieces that you have created
  • Tip: Practice is the only thing that can help you get better at pottery
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

18. Standup Comedy

2023 is the year where women are dominating the standup comedy world, and I encourage you to step into it as well. You don’t need a comedy theory, just the right timing and a few puns.

  • Why: Laughter is one of the pathways to live a better life
  • Suitable for: Having a good time
  • Positive Outcomes: Become the standup comedian of your family
  • Tip: Write down every joke you think of
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins a day

19. Cycling

For all my readers who want a physical hobby, cycling is my go-to. For this, you literally need a bicycle and any surface area.

  • Why: It is one of the easiest forms of workout
  • Suitable for: Building muscular power and getting the right dose of fresh air
  • Positive Outcomes: Habitual workouts are in place, and the ability to participate in cycling competitions, etc.
  • Tip: Take your bicycle to the narrow streets in your neighborhood and practice there first
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

20. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking might sound very high school-ish, but hear me out. It will allow you to utilize all the tidbits around your place and create a beautiful journal of your life events.

  • Why: You can create niche scrapbooks of events, your interests, things of value, etc.
  • Suitable for: Having a collection of things you hold important
  • Positive Outcomes: You can showcase your scrapbooks to your loved ones as a chance to get to know you in detail
  • Tip: Save every bit of paper, fabric, or anything else that you think will pop in a scrapbook
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 35 mins a day

21. Horse Riding

If you are anything like me with regards to being fascinated by old-timey TV series which feature horseback riding then horse riding is perfect for you. Feel like you are a character in Victorian times as you ride on a gorgeous horse.

  • Why: Horses are the perfect companions as they are intelligent and listen to your directions
  • Suitable for: Getting outdoors, accomplishing an activity that many people can't do, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Down the road, you can buy a horse if you have the right resources
  • Tip: Wear comfortable clothes
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 50 mins a day

22. Origami

Origami is said to bring about peace of mind and allows you to observe “flow” which means being completely absorbed in what you are doing. You don’t need much for origami, just a few papers and your hands.

  • Why: Creating beautiful pieces out of paper gives you a sense of creation
  • Suitable for: Having a quiet and peaceful time where you indulge in an ancient Japanese art
  • Positive Outcomes: Have gorgeous origami pieces to turn into decorations and gifts
  • Tip: Take your time when doing origami
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

23. Surfing

While I haven’t been able to master surfing yet, I always thought that it was one of the coolest watersports out there. Owing to its nature, I would advise you to enroll in a course taught by a certified instructor.

  • Why: Surfing is one of the coolest hobbies, which is why there are plenty of movies about them
  • Suitable for: Impressing others, taking part in thrilling water activities, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Being at one with the water, taking part in surfing competitions, etc.
  • Tip: Always read the ocean conditions before getting in the water
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

24. Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements require a certain eye and knowledge of flowers. Take a few courses online and you will be able to make the most breathtaking arrangements in your neighborhood.

  • Why: Flowers brighten up every nook you put them in
  • Suitable for: Gifting, sprucing up your house, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Begin selling your flower arrangements to earn a few extra bucks
  • Tip: Stick to native flowers
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

25. Puzzle Solving

I have been solving puzzles since I was a kid. As I truly believe them to be great past-time and brain trainers, I encourage my readers to go out and buy a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

  • Why: Solving puzzles comes easily to us because we were taught to do them in our childhood
  • Suitable for: Enhancing problem-solving skills and boosting IQ
  • Positive Outcomes: After a puzzle-solving session, you can claim that you have given your brain a proper workout
  • Tip: Start with the border, then work your way in
  • Required Effort: Depends on the complexity level you choose
  • Time Required (suggested): Depends on the difficulty level of the puzzle

26. Martial Arts

Do you get angry or frustrated easily? If so, diving into martial arts can be the best thing for you as it will help direct your energy into something positive. I would recommend Aikido and Muay Thai.

  • Why: It is one of the most socially acceptable ways to get your intense emotions out
  • Suitable for: Working out, building resistance, and hardening your muscles
  • Positive Outcomes: You can take part in pro martial arts fights once you have trained the right
  • Tip: Choose a school style that resonates with you
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Two hours a day

27. Crafting

Put your kindergarten lessons to use and start crafting. Make it fun by utilizing different materials and crafting techniques.

  • Why: Crafting is one of the most joyful activities that anyone can quickly master
  • Suitable for: Improving mood and self-confidence
  • Positive Outcomes: Have craft projects worthy of being posted in the online crafting communities
  • Tip: Always experiment with different mediums to master the craft
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 50 mins a day

28. Scuba Diving

Ocean lovers, embrace the ocean in the best way by diving beneath the surface and coming face to face with the mind-boggling sea life.

  • Why: The underwater world is as fascinating as outer space
  • Suitable for: Increasing lung capacity and reducing stress
  • Positive Outcomes: Witness the magnificent sea creatures that only a few get to see
  • Tip: Always take a diving buddy with you
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 2 hours per scuba diving trip

29. Stargazing

This is one of my favorite hobbies for women, and I partake in it almost weekly. All you need for this activity is a clear sky and your sense of wonder.

  • Why: You will never get bored of stargazing because the sky is always changing
  • Suitable for: Letting yourself go, peace, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Learn the names of the different constellations
  • Tip: Take an astronomy book with you
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

30. Roller Blading

If you roller skated or bladed as a child, bring it back into your adult life, and you will see how much it improves your outlook on life. It is a healthy way to not only spend time but also connect with fellow adult rollerblading enthusiasts nearby.

  • Why: Rollerblading is one of the few ways where you are solely dependent on your legs to go fast
  • Suitable for: Experiencing exhilaration and minor workout
  • Positive Outcomes: Join the rollerblading community
  • Tip: Beginners should start out slowly
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

31. Collecting

The reason I love recommend collecting to you readers is that it can involve collecting anything like coins, stamps, currency from different countries, etc. You can make a list of things you think you would like to collect or just start a collection randomly.

  • Why: Collecting is a vast and never-ending hobby, as you can collect almost anything in the world
  • Suitable for: Experiencing excitement
  • Positive Outcomes: Display your collection at a collection competition
  • Tip: Keep track of where and how you found the particular item
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

32. Rock Climbing

The best thing about rock climbing is that you can opt to do it outdoors and indoors. I would suggest mastering indoor rock climbing before moving outdoors.

  • Why: It is a badass sport that abled people should do once in their lives
  • Suitable for: Thrill-seeking individuals
  • Positive Outcomes: Form a rock climbing group with your buddies and do it every weekend
  • Tip: Use your core strength to climb, not that of your arms
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour every weekend

33. Meditation

Within meditation, I always recommend trying out mindfulness exercises. I have personally found the app, Headspace to be the best for meditation.

  • Why: Remain safe in your body with meditation
  • Suitable for: Feeling safe and present
  • Positive Outcomes: Learn to sift through your thoughts and concentrate on your movements
  • Tip: Start out with guided meditations
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

34. Geocaching

Geocaching will make you visit exciting new places and decode coordinates and more. From an online site, you will be able to get the location of the geocaches, get there, and enter your details into the logbook. If you are lucky, there might be little treasures left behind by other geocachers.

  • Why: Fulfill your sense of adventure and child-like wonder with geocaching
  • Suitable for: Adventure-seeking
  • Positive Outcomes: Become part of the geocaching community online and in the real world
  • Tip: Examine everything in your path closely
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies and depends on the location of the items

35. Interior Designing

Get a new hobby by decorating your home. You don’t need a course for this, just a good eye. If it is in your budget, you can thrift bizarre pieces for your house.

  • Why: You can change the whole look of a house through interior designing
  • Suitable for: Rejuvenating a space
  • Positive Outcomes: Brand-new looking place
  • Tip: Always start with a small corner and assess the results
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

36. Paragliding

Paragliding is not for the faint of heart. You will be gliding through the air using a glider aircraft. Luckily, there are physical classes available for this sport, so step out of your comfort zone and enroll in one.

  • Why: It allows you to feel how birds do for the duration
  • Suitable for: Feeling the adrenaline coursing through your veins
  • Positive Outcomes: You will have once in a lifetime adventure in your pocket
  • Tip: Enroll in courses for two-seater flights
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Depends on the particular experience you'll choose

37. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language will help improve your thinking skills and memory abilities. As a bonus, if you are planning to visit a new country, you can learn the local language and make your trip richer.

  • Why: It is fun to brag about being bilingual
  • Suitable for: Stimulating the learning center of your brain
  • Positive Outcomes: Converse with people who only speak the language you've learned
  • Tip: Give Duolingo a try
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

38. Beekeeping

Before you install your first hive, you are advised to read up and interact with experienced beekeepers to learn the tricks of the trade. If you take up beekeeping, you will be helping the environment a lot.

  • Why: Beekeeping is an undertaking that will teach you patience
  • Suitable for: Taking care of something other than yourself
  • Positive Outcomes: You will be promoting an eco-friendly practice
  • Tip: Make use of frames
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

39. Active Movie Watching

Most of us are movie consumers and even lovers. To become an active movie watcher, you will need to develop the skills to learn carefully, analyze symbolism, and form a narrative about it.

  • Why: Movies are a great source of entertainment and sometimes knowledge
  • Suitable for: Spending quality time, resting your anxious mind, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Join groups of active movie watchers
  • Tip: Write down each important point of the movie
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): Approximately 110 mins a day

40. Ice Skating

Ice skating is in a completely different league than roller skating. I would advise you to first master roller skating, then go to your local ice rink, start out slowly, and have a magical time.

  • Why: Feel like you are an ice queen as you master gliding over it
  • Suitable for: Feeling graceful
  • Positive Outcomes: A fun hobby that keeps you active over the weekends
  • Tip: Keep those knees bent
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour every weekend

41. Blogging

I highly suggest blogging as it will allow you to bring out your inner creativity. Find something that you are passionate about and start blogging; don’t worry about your number of readers.

  • Why: Make your voice heard, no matter the topic
  • Suitable for: Garnering followers, connecting with others, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: With a successful blog, you can gain digital fans
  • Tip: Start with small blogs to get into a routine
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

42. Ghost Hunting

While it is not entirely scientific, ghost hunting is great for raising the hair on your arms and making your heart beat super fast. As long as you remember to be safe and take a few friends along, ghost-hunting might just become your favorite thing to do.

  • Why: Keep your inner child alive as you play at being Ghostbusters
  • Suitable for: Adrenaline junkies
  • Positive Outcomes: Get awesome footage on your adventures and blast them over the internet
  • Tip: Make sure to search for your chosen spot to assess safety
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): Once every other weekend

43. Astrophotography

Start with learning the basics of astronomy and take part in a few astrophotography group events. In no time, you will be capturing the beautiful night sky, which you can share with your online friends.

  • Why: The twinkling sky will always tell you a new story
  • Suitable for: Kicking the boredom
  • Positive Outcomes: Become well-versed in the workings of the universe
  • Tip: Get good equipment
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins a day

44. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a hobby that is enjoyed all over the world. Search for wine-tasting events or vineyard tours near you and book one. Remember to keep count of your alcohol intake and stay hydrated.

  • Why: Become a wine savant by learning about the different wines
  • Suitable for: Getting a buzz, connecting with other wine tasters, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: You'll be able to get good wine for your place when you learn about them
  • Tip: Take a wine buddy who will keep you in check
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the wine tour duration

45. Ice Climbing

This is for my readers who are adrenaline junkies and love the cold. For ice climbing, you would like special tools, training, and clothing items.

  • Why: It would be one of the most challenging things you would do
  • Suitable for: Thrill-seeking, doing something that only a few others attempt, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Your ice climbing story will be one to tell the generations
  • Tip: Stick to the triangle position with regard to your shoulders and legs
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the height of the ice wall

46. Learning Magic Tricks

You don’t need an admission letter to Hogwarts to become a wizard. You can take in-person or online classes and with a bit of practice, you will be on your way to becoming a second Harry Potter.

  • Why: Creating illusions and fascinating your audience
  • Suitable for: Being creative and curious
  • Positive Outcomes: Break the ice when meeting new people with your magic tricks
  • Tip: Always act well, and your trick will land perfectly
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

47. Going to Karaoke Nights

This is one hobby for which you would not need to learn anything or buy some specific tools. You just need a place that does karaoke nights, your beautiful vocal cords, and a buoyed spirit.

  • Why: Feel accepted by doing karaoke in front of others
  • Suitable for: Increasing self-confidence
  • Positive Outcomes: You will be the life of every party with your karaoke skills
  • Tip: Choose a song that you love
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

48. Going on Food Tasting Tours

To prepare for such tours, the best thing to do is take food-tasting classes. Armed with proper knowledge, you would be able to identify each note, spice, and flavor on your food-tasting tour.

  • Why: Travel all over the world through experiencing different cuisines
  • Suitable for: Learning about the world
  • Positive Outcomes: Be able to order different dishes every time you eat out
  • Tip: It will be more fun if you take your partner with you
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the duration of your tours

49. Learning Puppetry

Whether you are a theatre major or not, embrace your inner performer by getting a puppet that resonates with you. It would take some time and practice to perfect the art. Once you do, you can perform it for your friends and family.

  • Why: Satisfy your inner actor and act your heart out through your puppet
  • Suitable for: Fostering creativity, increasing self-confidence, and bettering self-image
  • Positive Outcomes: Become the puppet master at kids' parties
  • Tip: Only increase your puppet characters once you master your main character
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

50. Salsa Dancing

I have always found salsa to be the rhythm of my soul. Grab a friend and either take online courses or go to a physical class.

  • Why: Salsa dancing is one of the most impressive kinds of dances
  • Suitable for: Getting your body to move
  • Positive Outcomes: Always be the center of attention in clubs or bars
  • Tip: It is important to connect with your partner to dance well
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 25 mins a day

51. Doing Improv

Improvisational theatre is one of the best ways to untangle your thoughts and boost your confidence. Think on your feet while saying “yes and.”

  • Why: Explore yourself with improv
  • Suitable for: Peeking into the deepest parts of yourself
  • Positive Outcomes: Once you adopt the "yes and" rule, you will be ready for most challenges in your life
  • Tip: Listen carefully before responding
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

52. Soap Making

Get rid of the lump of soap bars in your house and replace them with bizarrely-shaped soaps that you have made yourself. Get a soap-making kit and start practicing.

  • Why: Soap making is as fun as when you played with play dough as a kid
  • Suitable for: Letting your creativity flow
  • Positive Outcomes: Overcome the fear of failure because every shape you make will be perfect
  • Tip: Greasing your molds is the secret
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

53. Playing Board Games

I have always found that one can never go wrong with board games. Buy the most unusual ones like the Ouija board, Dominion, etc.

  • Why: Board games are the perfect way to create a healthy and spirited competitive atmosphere
  • Suitable for: Creating a bond with friends, feeling like a winner, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: Playing board games will increase your strategy skills
  • Tip: Play like you mean, which means giving your friends no room to breathe
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies based on your board games' night plans

54. Metal Detecting

You don’t need to go to the beach for metal detection; you can go to any public space with soft ground. Take along your shovel and metal detector and unearth your next treasure.

  • Why: The need to find treasure is ingrained in us thanks to movies, so give in to that tendency
  • Suitable for: Discovering trinkets that will become important to you
  • Positive Outcomes: Start a collection of what you find through the detecting
  • Tip: Keep extra batteries on you
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

55. Repurposing

A repurposing project will have you upscale the various items lying around your house. It will involve you transforming everyday objects into something new with a different purpose/function.

  • Why: You give your items an upgrade with repurposing
  • Suitable for: Distracting yourself and making sure nothing goes to waste
  • Positive Outcomes: You will have numerous projects on your hand at the end of this activity
  • Tip: Make a list of household items that are out of use
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 50 mins a day

56. Pilates

Pilates is perfect for women as it helps with balance, core strength, flexibility, and more. Since Pilates requires you to maintain proper postures, I would advise you to get a Pilates buddy to do it with you.

  • Why: Become part of the ever-growing pilates world and get fit
  • Suitable for: Introducing a fitness regime in your life
  • Positive Outcomes: Achieve better health
  • Tip: Always warm up before
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins a day

57. Sailing

If you love being anywhere near the ocean, you should give sailing a try. With the wind in your air and the smell of the salty ocean in your nose, you would feel peace like never before.

  • Why: Become the captain of the sea and explore the ocean
  • Suitable for: Relaxing and spending a day in the sun
  • Positive Outcomes: Get lots of vitamin D when you are out on the boat
  • Tip: Apply sunscreen
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 4 hours a day

58. Glassblowing

Glassblowing is viewed as a man’s world, but I think it belongs to women as well. Make spectacular glass objects with this hobby and decorate your house with them.

  • Why: As glass is moldable, you can manipulate it into almost any shape
  • Suitable for: Creativity
  • Positive Outcomes: Make your stand in the glassblowing world and make kickass household items
  • Tip: To cut right, concentrate and get the score right with the tool
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Two hours a day

59. Jewelry Making

A lot of us have played with those kids’ jewelry-making kits, but did you know that you can get the adult version? Once you get in the zone, you can even start selling a few pieces of jewelry.

  • Why: It never hurts to have more jewelry
  • Suitable for: Innovation and utilizing your imagination
  • Positive Outcomes: If you follow through, you can have a whole set of jewelry
  • Tip: Practice with jewelry pieces that speak to your heart
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 35 mins a day

60. Mountain Biking

If you have a strong stomach and prior biking skills, you should give mountain biking a go. As this sport involves going over rough terrains, I highly advise you to get the right safety equipment.

  • Why: Mountain biking will get your heart racing as you achieve incredible feats
  • Suitable for: Overcoming your hesitations and fears
  • Positive Outcomes: Hold mountain biking tours with your friends
  • Tip: Momentum is one of the most important things on the trail
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Three to four hours every other weekend

61. Woodworking

Many of us never got woodworking as a class in high school, and I feel that we missed out. Woodworking will have you working with your hands to create things like a birdhouse, clock, etc., out of just a block of wood.

  • Why: You will feel the primal power when you build tools out of wood with your hands
  • Suitable for: Feeling powerful and putting your vision into something tangible
  • Positive Outcomes: You will be making small furniture items in no time
  • Tip: Before starting, note down any imperfections your wood has
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 1 hour and 30 mins a day

62. Horoscope Reading

Enter the astrology world and impress your loved ones with your horoscope knowledge by learning how to read them. There are many books and online materials available for it.

  • Why: It is insightful to discover what your horoscope has in store for you
  • Suitable for: Gaining knowledge
  • Positive Outcomes: Be prepared for possible events of the day
  • Tip: Make horoscope reading a morning ritual
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 10 mins a day

63. Learning Archery

Become a pro at archery and feel like Legolas. You can set up an archery range in your backyard or just go to a sports center near you where it’s available.

  • Why: Hone your target practice with archery
  • Suitable for: Focusing on one goal
  • Positive Outcomes: Master knocking down any target in style
  • Tip: Concentrate on your back muscles when aiming
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour every weekend

64. Cultivating Bonsai

The next item on my list of hobbies for women to learn is bonsai. All we would need is a pot, soil, tweezer spatula, the right species of plant, and a couple of things more.

  • Why: Bonsai is one of the most intricate forms of art, and it feels amazing to be part of that world
  • Suitable for: Purifying the air
  • Positive Outcomes: You would be able to somewhat regulate the internal humidity
  • Tip: All bonsai plants don't need the same amount of watering, so know your plant
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

65. Fencing

If you are in search of a more physical hobby, see if fencing fancies your tickle. With fencing, you would be able to choose between three different blades.

  • Why: Become a nobleman like the knights of olden times with fencing
  • Suitable for: Working out your core
  • Positive Outcomes: Possess the knowledge of dueling the right way
  • Tip: Always keep a check on your fencing stance
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

66. Birth Chart Reading

Powered by the knowledge of astrology, you will be able to read your birth chart to see how the planetary movements affect you.

  • Why: Get to know the map of the sky of the time you were born through birth chart reading
  • Suitable for: Gaining information
  • Positive Outcomes: Learn about the possible directions your life might go into
  • Tip: Keep the interpretation formula written down somewhere close
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 15 mins a day

67. Zumba

Zumba is for ladies who don’t like just lifting weights. With Zumba, you will be working out via low and high-intensity dance moves.

  • Why: Zumba is best for ladies who love to add a little music and movement to their workouts
  • Suitable for: Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Positive Outcomes: Give your body the workout it needs while nourishing your soul with the dance movements
  • Tip: Wear roomy clothes
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

68. Speedcubing

Speedcubing is solving combination puzzles with a timer. This will help improve your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

  • Why: Enter a race against time with speedcubing
  • Suitable for: Improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Positive Outcomes: Become a part of the exclusive world of speedcubing
  • Tip: Speedcube right by keeping the cube between your fingertips
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

69. Horseback Archery

This activity is suited for women who have mastered the art of archery and horseback riding. As it is a risky activity, I suggest you take physical classes.

  • Why: There are very fewer sights grander than a woman doing horseback archery
  • Suitable for: Sharpening motor skills
  • Positive Outcomes: With horseback archery, you will have one foot in the archery world and the other in the horseback riding world
  • Tip: Avoiding galloping but maintain a steady, fast pace
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Two hours every weekend

70. Tarot Reading

Do you feel your psychic powers sparking within you? Give Tarot card reading a try to dive into your past and future by learning from the tarot community online.

  • Why: Tarot reading is another famous tool to gain knowledge about your life
  • Suitable for: Tapping into your psychic powers
  • Positive Outcomes: Become more spiritual with Tarot readings
  • Tip: While the meaning of cards is important, give adequate room to your interpretations
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 10 mins a day

71. Candle Making

Ladies, you don’t need a lot to be a successful candle maker. After a few lessons online, you only need containers, wax, and wicks.

  • Why: Light up your house and life with candle-making
  • Suitable for: Bringing warmth to your space
  • Positive Outcomes: Conducting candle-making with kids will help them explore their imagination
  • Tip: Remember that each wax has a different highest melt point/temperature
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 45 mins a day

72. Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing may cover a wide range of activities, but you have the option to go for what speaks to you. You can choose knife–making, forge welding, tool-making, and more courses.

  • Why: Blacksmithing opens your life to so many weapon or tool forging
  • Suitable for: Working the muscles and creating
  • Positive Outcomes: When you are hammering away at your piece, you will feel your stress melt away
  • Tip: Keep your fire going at all times
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the piece you make

73. Model Building

Get your model-building kit and start building your first plane, ship, or rocket. I encourage you to get your kids involved in this for a bonding experience.

  • Why: With model building, you can go to the space, train station, or a harbor without ever leaving your house
  • Suitable for: Learning about engineering
  • Positive Outcomes: Place the cool models you've built somewhere prominent in the house
  • Tip: Choose a model that you are excited about
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the model you have

74. Aerobics

As a teenager, I opted for aerobics instead of a hip-hop class and it was the best decision. You will find your muscles getting stronger and your energy levels increasing.

  • Why: Aerobics exercises keep fatigue away
  • Suitable for: Increasing stamina
  • Positive Outcomes: Lower your blood pressure while reducing the risk of heart diseases
  • Tip: Stretch every day in preparation for aerobics
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

75. Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is for you if you think surfboarding is too dangerous. When you are standing on that board and paddling yourself forward, you will be in total control.

  • Why: Embrace another way of navigating water with stand-up paddleboarding
  • Suitable for: Experiencing the sea at a slower pace
  • Positive Outcomes: If you are lucky, you might even see some sea animals because of your slower pace
  • Tip: Keep your eye on the horizon
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour every other weekend

76. Playing Card Games

Whiling away your evenings playing card games is a sure way to have a great social life, and I attest to that. Plan a card game night and invite your friends; put some money into it to make it interesting.

  • Why: Card games are one of those activities that don't need any pomp and circumstance but are still loads of fun
  • Suitable for: Improving dexterity
  • Positive Outcomes: If you play online, you will become part of the fast-paced world of card games
  • Tip: Practice one type of card game before moving on to others
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

77. Urban Exploring

Play at becoming Indiana Jones by searching manmade but lesser-known places near you. Make sure that you don’t trespass and have a device to capture some footage.

  • Why: Get to know about the history of places that you visit
  • Suitable for: Exploring new places
  • Positive Outcomes: Once you go urban exploring frequently, you will start building your endurance
  • Tip: Stick to exploring when it is light outside
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Three hours per location

78. Genealogy Searching

I got my life’s answers about my ancestors once I dived into genealogy research. Simply go to websites containing genealogy archives and put in the required information.

  • Why: It is in our DNA to be curious about our ancestors
  • Suitable for: Learning where you come from
  • Positive Outcomes: Find your deeper personal identity through genealogy searching
  • Tip: Quotation marks will get you exact results
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins every weekend

79. Permaculture Farming

Based on the principles of permaculture, set up your land to carry out practices like agroforestry, rainwater harvesting, etc. The main point of it is to take inspiration from thriving natural ecosystems.

  • Why: With permaculture farming, you will be adopting a cost-effective way of growing plants
  • Suitable for: Being eco-friendly
  • Positive Outcomes: Your permaculture farming will promote biodiversity
  • Tip: Research ways of storing energy
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

80. Learning Sign Language

My inspiration to learn sign language came from my belief that everyone in the world deserves a chance to be communicated with. You can learn it online, but taking classes is more fun for it.

  • Why: Promote inclusivity by learning and communicating in sign language
  • Suitable for: Becoming an advocate for inclusivity and improving the ability to understand body language
  • Positive Outcomes: You can become an unofficial tutor of sign language for your loved ones
  • Tip: Make use of a camera to practice
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

81. Indoor Gardening

Create your little forest or meadow of peace by planting an indoor garden. You can start small by having a few potted plants like succulents, money plants, etc.

  • Why: Promote organisms that are good for the environment
  • Suitable for: Increasing the O2 levels in your house
  • Positive Outcomes: See the bees and butterflies flitting around your indoor garden
  • Tip: The types of plants you choose should match the space available
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 20 mins a day

82. Running a Book Club

Bring together your love of reading and hosting social events to form a book club. Invite your friends by asking them to read a book you all have been wanting to read; it’ll be a hit.

  • Why: More people need to return to reading books
  • Suitable for: Promoting literacy and a sense of community
  • Positive Outcomes: By the end of the year, your book club will have read an impressive number of books
  • Tip: Give every member a chance to choose one book once a month at least
  • Required Effort: Minimal
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a week

83. Soapstone Carving

Carving soapstones is one of the most satisfying hobbies for women. It’ll involve hacking away at a rock to create shapes that your heart desires. Become Michelangelo by putting your chisel to the talc schist.

  • Why: With soapstone carving, you needn't worry about using up a natural resource as it is abundantly available
  • Suitable for: Relieving stress
  • Positive Outcomes: As it is one of the easier materials to carve, you can make many sculptures in a shorter time frame
  • Tip: Use water throughout, and you will have no sawdust
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins a day

84. Urban Farming

The techniques of urban farming will teach you to convert your free space into a garden where you grow food like fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

  • Why: Become a part of the movement that is contributing to the local and sustainable food systems
  • Suitable for: Promoting sustainability
  • Positive Outcomes: All food you produce will be organic and healthy
  • Tip: Before anything, make a blueprint of your plot
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

85. Hosting Open Mic Nights

Whenever I am in the mood to play hostess, I invite my friends to open mic nights at my place. All you would need is a few game ideas, snacks, and music.

  • Why: Open mic nights are a great source of community bonding
  • Suitable for: Creating a memory with friends
  • Positive Outcomes: Through open mic nights, you are guaranteed to learn more about the attendees
  • Tip: Inform everyone what kind of open night it will be
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Five to six hours on a specific night

86. Food Styling

Food styling will not only give you beautiful pictures of food but also teach you how to set up your dinner table for parties. The best way to learn is to follow famous food photographers online.

  • Why: Food that looks appealing is one that gets gobbled up faster
  • Suitable for: Presenting your food in the best way possible
  • Positive Outcomes: Print a book of the dishes that you have styled
  • Tip: Utilize smaller plates and bowls
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 40 mins on the days you choose to do food styling

87. Knitting and Crocheting

Both of the mentioned activities are a little different than sewing. You would need to learn a few patterns online, get the knitting and crocheting tools, and knit/crochet your time away.

  • Why: When you knit or crochet, you will feel closer to your culture and ancestors
  • Suitable for: Being expressive
  • Positive Outcomes: Have blankets, mittens, and scarves at the ready with these skills
  • Tip: Invest in good quality tools
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 45 mins a day

88. Developing Recipes

Recipe development might not come naturally to many people, but I encourage you to give it a try. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of mess and thrown away ingredients, but you’ll get there.

  • Why: Just like world-famous chefs, you can create sensational new dishes by developing recipes
  • Suitable for: Imparting a part of your soul in each recipe
  • Positive Outcomes: Make an identity by creating recipes that reflect your true self
  • Tip: Start with cuisines you know well
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

89. Urban Sketching

Urban sketchers sit and sketch at locations. You could be one of them and sketch the architecture around you.

  • Why: Urban sketching is a great way of record-keeping
  • Suitable for: Connecting with your surroundings
  • Positive Outcomes: Your sketchbook can serve as a city guide to out-of-towners
  • Tip: If you are including a person, seek permission first
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

90. Landscape Designing

Beautify the space outside your house through landscape design. If you are able to create an aesthetic look by being careful of the textures, lines, and colors, you are a genius.

  • Why: Prove your inner artist by making use of the small open spaces around you
  • Suitable for: Promoting green spaces
  • Positive Outcomes: With landscape designing, you will have the best eco-friendly rooftop gardens, pocket parks, etc.
  • Tip: Start with a list of the needs of the space
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Two hours a day

91. Sculpting

Sculpting is an art that you should always take classes for. With the right instructor, tools, and environment, you will be able to create sculptures that are masterpieces.

  • Why: Creating sculptures is like playing God and gives one a profound sense of creation
  • Suitable for: Participating in mindfulness
  • Positive Outcomes: Collect compliments after you gift your sculptures to family members
  • Tip: Make use of different tools to see which ones suit your style
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 35 mins a day

92. Baking

While baking is cooking, it is much more precise. Become your family’s baker by experimenting with recipes you find online or from your friends.

  • Why: Baked goods are the direct pathway to everyone's heart
  • Suitable for: Experiencing nostalgia
  • Positive Outcomes: Connect with your past when you bake items from your childhood
  • Tip: Buy a good quality mixer
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One hour a day

93. Learning Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form of repairing broken pieces of pottery with gold. I have seen many friends using kintsugi kits to create beautiful dishes so post a picture of your artwork online as well.

  • Why: Kintsugi is a graceful art that imparts an important lesson of how things are not finished even if they are broken
  • Suitable for: Experiencing cohesiveness
  • Positive Outcomes: Rejuvenate relationships by inviting others to do kintsugi with you and inform them about the beauty of it
  • Tip: Properly clean the broken pieces before using them
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): One and forty mins a day

94. Playing Archery Tag

If you love dodgeball, you will love this as well. Gather your friends and shoot them by using bows and arrows with foam tips and claim your victory on the battlefield.

  • Why: Archery tag can be healing for relationships as you can safely shoot your loved ones
  • Suitable for: Exertion and entertainment
  • Positive Outcomes: You might come back with a few sore spots but the number of great memories will make you forget all about them
  • Tip: Bag any arrow you find
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): One or so per one go of archery tag

95. Joining Cooking Clubs

Being part of a cooking club has taught me to cook new cuisines and form beautiful friendships. Join one that speaks to you and feel a true sense of community.

  • Why: You will find that learning and perfecting cooking skills as part of a cooking club is much easier than doing it on your own
  • Suitable for: Cultivating relationships with the members of the club
  • Positive Outcomes: After a few months of being in a cooking club, you will have amazing dishes and blooming friendships under your belt
  • Tip: Ask for help whenever you get stuck
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Varies depending on the cooking club

96. Holding Elaborate Dinners

Mad Hatter held tea parties every day so why not you? I believe that you can hold better and more magical dinners. I like introducing themes like murder mysteries, etc. to my dinners to keep my guests on their toes.

  • Why: Make use of your skills in food styling, cooking, and baking to hold elaborate dinners
  • Suitable for: Creating harmony amongst the guests and having fun
  • Positive Outcomes: Attendees will thank you for giving them such memorable nights
  • Tip: Stick to one theme per dinner party
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Around five to six hours on the night of the dinner party

97. Painting Furniture

The one hobby that I go back to all the time is furniture painting. You will find that it will give a completely new life to your furniture and give you a creative outlet.

  • Why: Instead of buying new furniture pieces, paint over them and they would look brand new
  • Suitable for: Saving money, creatively giving new life to the pieces, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: You will be adopting a green approach by not giving in to consumerism
  • Tip: Splurge on the right tools
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): 50 mins a day

98. Hiking

Increase your stamina by including hiking in your list of hobbies for women. I love hiking because it gives me enough time to myself as a form of self-care and is a form of resistance training for me.

  • Why: Discover the most beautiful and hidden spots through hiking
  • Suitable for: Exploring new spots, improving mental health, etc.
  • Positive Outcomes: If you hike with a group, it automatically becomes a social activity
  • Tip: Purchase hiking sticks
  • Required Effort: High
  • Time Required (suggested): Two to three per hike

99. Heading Painting Nights

If your friends and family aren’t into games then a night of painting and wine is what you need to arrange. Make sure to stock all the supplies and good-quality liquor.

  • Why: Painting with others gives way to a space of shared creativity that can't be experienced if you do it alone
  • Suitable for: Getting rid of the strain of the day
  • Positive Outcomes: Painting and wine is the perfect pairing for a night of creativity and merrymaking
  • Tip: Try out themes like getting everyone to paint a character from Beauty and the Beast
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): Four to five hours on the painting night

100. Upcycling Clothes

Take all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore and upcycle them into something new. I have successfully turned my jeans into bags and coasters.

  • Why: Become Ms. Green by pulling your used clothes out of the bin and upcycling them
  • Suitable for: Contributing to the culture of handmade things
  • Positive Outcomes: You will help reduce landfill waste
  • Tip: Sketch out the design you want first
  • Required Effort: Moderate
  • Time Required (suggested): 30 mins a day

Quick Tips for Starting Any Hobby

  • Make a list of all the hobbies that you know of and narrow it down later
  • Research extensively about the hobby that you are considering
  • Make a separate list of expenses each hobby will incur
  • Give each hobby a fair shot before giving up
  • Include a few friends in your hobbies as that is guaranteed to make them more enjoyable

As women, we need to focus on ourselves, and having hobbies for women is the best way to dedicate time to ourselves. You don’t need to be the best at something to count it as your hobby. Just have fun with it and tell me how you made use of any of the above-mentioned hobbies for women to make your days brighter.