11 Fun and Uplifting Things to Do Alone that Will Bring You Joy

We all have days when we just want to be alone. Whether it's to rest, reflect, or relax, it's important to take some time for yourself and do something meaningful. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best things to do by yourself alone. From organizing your thoughts to getting creative, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your alone time. So, let's dive in and explore the wonderful world of solo activities!

Sometimes, you prefer to be alone and want to enjoy time by yourself. In a busy life schedule, you want to pause and relish a few solitude moments. Whereas sometimes, you are alone and bored and have nothing to do.

Time spent with yourself can be mentally refreshing and healing if taken in the right direction with an optimistic approach. Isolation can start innovativeness through a focused point of view without any distractions.

Thus, we have figured out some simple, fun, and productive things you can do. No outside help is required, and the ideas below come with some DIY tips for you to enjoy your own company.

1. Try Meditation

For meditation, Arianna Huffington rightly said:

"Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings." 

Arianna Huffington

Meditation has numerous benefits, with thousands of studies containing supporting evidence. It is beneficial for your physical and psychological well-being. Various studies recommend that if meditation is part of your weekly routine, you will reap the benefits mentioned below:

  • Enhance concentration span
  • Improve memorization dexterity
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve tolerance and patience
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Improve creativity and imagination
  • Normalize heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improve blood circulation

How to Meditate

Meditation is recommended to be practiced alone since the idea is to reconnect with your soul. If you are new to meditation, consider the following easy steps to begin:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. You may sit or lie; however, you are comfortable.
  3. Breathe naturally. Inhale and exhale. Don't control your breathing. Just breathe.
  4. Slowly observe how you breathe: notice how your body moves, such as your shoulder, rib cage, and stomach; with each, inhale and exhale. If you feel your mind is wandering here and there, just focus it back on your breathing.

You may start initially for 10 minutes in a calming environment. You may sit comfortably in the park, on the shore, by the riverside, or even in your room. Slowly and gradually, you will notice how meditation is effective and brings more profound relaxation.

2. Bake Mini Muffins

Baking is easy and the result tastes amazing if you do it yourself. If you are doing it for the first time, all you have to do is take care of the following steps:

  • Wear oven gloves to protect your hands from picking up hot things or when you are using an oven.
  • When you take hot things out of the oven, put them on a wooden board, not straight onto the work surface.
  • Always wear an apron and wash your hands before you start.
  • For perfect baking, read the recipe carefully and check that you have all the things you need.
  • Secret tip: After collecting the ingredients you will need, weigh and measure them.

You can easily start baking with mini muffins. They are very easy and quick to bake and more so all by yourself:

  1. Preheat the oven. Melt butter (50g/2 oz) in the pan over low heat. Remove from the hob and stir in milk (150ml) and 1 beaten egg.
  2. Sift plain flour (200g/8 oz), baking powder (2 tsp), and salt (1/2 tsp) into a mixing bowl. Stir in the sugar (150g/6 oz) and fruits such as blueberries or raspberries.
  3. Carefully add melted butter, milk, and egg (from step 1) to the flour, sugar, and fruit mixture.
  4. Now mix everything quickly and gently. Don't worry if the mixture looks lumpy.
  5. Using two teaspoons, transfer the mixture to muffin tins lined with paper cases.
  6. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden and well-risen. Allow to cool in the tin, then move to a wire rack.

When your muffins are ready, instantly serve them with hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Enjoy.

3. Read a Book

How long has it been since you took time out for yourself to read your favorite novel? It may just be about a science-fiction, fantasy, thrill, or contemporary fiction world, waiting for you to dive in.

If you like to read non-fiction, pick the newest book on geopolitics, economics, or even self-help.

Reading is not only beneficial for boosting your vocabulary but is also known for stabilizing every mood. It is essential for enhanced brain functioning and gives you a good night's sleep. The other benefits of reading include:

  • Boosts brain functioning
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces cognitive decline as you age
  • Enhances communication and social skills
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Boosts your entire mental wellbeing

If you are a beginner or are clueless about which book to start first, www.goodreads.com may be a beneficial platform for you.

4. Be a Plant Mom/Dad

Planting is one of those activities that are directly proportional to good health and functioning. An individual can do planting activities with direct or indirect sunlight.

It's one of the quickest ways to be in touch with nature to relax both the mind and soul.

Don't feel scared of plants being dead in your hands. Numerous plants grow in direct and indirect sunlight. Similarly, there is low maintenance for them. The following steps, therefore, will help you be a successful plant mom.

  • Location: You are planning to have a plant indoors or outdoors.
  • Sunlight: Your decided location has: direct bright sunlight, direct dim sunlight, indirect bright sunlight, or indirect dim sunlight.
  • Type of plant: Decide what you want to grow. Are you interested in succulents, air purifiers, leafy plants, flowering plants, or planting fruits and vegetables?
  • Planting tools: After deciding on a location, sunlight, and type of plants you want to grow, next consider the type of planters and tools you need.
  • Routine: If you have a hectic routine, we suggest you have plants that require your attention only thrice a month. You can easily start this healthy activity by investing in low-maintenance plants.

Do share your plant snaps and never-ending planters that make their way into your garden and rooms.

5. Go for Photography

Does photography sound cliche to you?

It is not. Instead, it is one of those activities you can easily do on your own at any time and place. With only a handful of things mentioned below, you are simply a step away from becoming a photographer.

  • Camera: You don't need a professional camera or DSLR. Any phone camera will do. iPhone 7+ and 8+ and even the newly released iPhone SE have good cameras. These phone cameras are frequently used by bloggers and influencers worldwide.
  • Light: Indirect sunlight is a fantastic way to experiment with your camera and angles. Before investing in any light, you can adjust your frame in this light for better and improved results.
  • Background: Begin with plain black, white, or even grey backgrounds. Simply pick up a plain cloth, and voila. You will find these clothes, even bedsheets, in your mom's closet, nearby. For outdoors, grass's green color or sand's neutral brown color is perfect.
  • Subject: Decide what you want to capture and keep on experimenting.
  • Composition and Techniques: If you have a good pro camera, then feel free to experiment with your subject with ISO, F-Stop, Shutter speed, etc.

By entirely focusing on the subject matter with a camera all by yourself, you will become an outstanding photographer.

6. Be a Volunteer

It's always a good idea to give back to the community. The satisfaction of giving back to the community helps you focus on your purpose in life. It's one of those activities in which investing time is worthwhile since giving back to society is an unparalleled act of kindness.

The opportunity to volunteer is always available. All it needs is to figure out the time, days, and place along with the following points to consider:

  • Ask where you are currently working. Many organizations have CSR projects, and you can volunteer for one of their programs.
  • Consider places where you have been involved in social services back in school, high school, or university. You can always reconnect, and they will welcome you with open arms.
  • Identify your motivation. What troubles you, or what do you want to improve in society? You can start accordingly then. For example, are you disturbed by the idea of wastage on a nearby hiking spot? Pick up a garbage shopper and clean it up on the coming weekend.
  • Identify the needs of society. You may find a lot of poor neighborhoods struggling with poor sanitation and hygiene conditions. You may align resources and contacts that you have to make their lives better.
  • Put your skill to use by helping poor kids learn to use a computer for extra work. You may even help them learn a language or any other skill needed to improve their lives.
  • Considering drastic climate change, take active steps and be a volunteer for mother earth.
  • Volunteer in campaigns and drives to help reach larger communities, whether poor people, animals' habitats, or plantation drives.

A simple act of volunteering is beneficial for society and boosts your self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of achievement.

7. Go for a Workout

Choosing to work out in the gym or at home is your call. However, it is essential to maintain a workout schedule at least four days a week. We live a sedimentary lifestyle in which we barely move and spend most of our time in front of the screen.

The internet is full of workout videos and thousands of combinations for a workout that may suit your needs. For you to understand, we have made it simpler for you:

  • Stick to basics. Give yourself at least 25-30 sessions of basic workouts to see the difference.
  • Focus on building strength and mobility, which helps as you age.
  • Identify your motivating factor. Determine your fitness goal. Is it to lose weight, gain muscle or build stamina?
  • Focus only on yourself and the progress you make.
  • Make realistic goals. It's easy to start with heavier goals, but it gets difficult to maintain such goals. Make sure your goals are aligned with your lifestyle and routine.
  • Track your progress.
  • Ignore the guilt factor. You will eventually reach your goal.
  • Be consistent as that's the secret ingredient.
  • If you need some motivation then these gym quotes will give you some inspiration.

Christiano Ronaldo, who recently came back to Manchester United, has rightly said:

I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve — not only to please the coach and the fans — but also to feel satisfied with myself.

Christiano Ronaldo, Footballer

8. Try Painting

When was the last time you had a brush in your hand? When was the last you had fun mixing two colors to make a new one?

You might have to go through your childhood closet to find your brushes and paint book. Otherwise, purchase yourself a new one because it is hardly a cost. You might consider buying:

  • Water paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Oil paints

The difference in these paints is their base solvent. Acrylic and water paints are water-soluble. Easy to handle and mix well for a beginner, whereas oil paints need linseed oil or turpentine oil as a base solvent to work with.

None of these are difficult to handle; however, it depends on what you find convenient. Once you start with oil paints, there is no going back.

No one needs to be today's Da' Vinci to get the perfect strokes with the chosen paints. Just focus on how you want colors to appear on the canvas. Be happy and proud of your ideas.

You may take help from some online tutorials available on YouTube. Paint and save them for future home décor by framing them in your room or anywhere else.

9. Go for a Hike

Looking forward to a short retreat to nature?

This activity of going for a long walk on trails brings you freshness for a change. It's one of the most beautiful outdoor activities where you admire flora and fauna right nearby your feet. You carry only what you need, such as water, fruits, and some energy bars.

Hiking as an exercise has always stood out and is a preferred outdoor activity for all ages. It doesn't only provide tremendous physical activity, but also offers a change of scenery at every step.

Different trails lead to different paths, and every path has a different color with trees nearby. Similarly, some branches hang low, while others are right under your feet. You climb up the trail and occasionally encounter some wild but harmless creatures.

All of this as a wholesome experience benefits you in the ways mentioned below:

  • Sharper brain activity
  • Keeps you calm
  • Enhances your creativity
  • Helps you enjoy nature
  • Helps you with positive emotions

10. Go Shopping

Who doesn't like to shop and roam around in malls? Some markets even offer a perfect outdoor ambiance to enjoy your purchases. Shopping is a wholesome experience; it leaves you satisfied if you do it with a plan.

For instance, before heading to shop, spend some time searching for the latest apparel, accessories, and skincare trends. You notice how every month there is something new coming into the market.

Compare the new trends with your last shopping. Notice the colors and types of accessories that you already have. Observe and analyze different prices.

This little activity before going shopping makes it more fun. Furthermore, careful analysis will help you do smart and focused shopping. As a result, you can save money and have a trendy wardrobe.

You may also consider buying gym wear for a workout, planting tools, or other things for the above activities.


Before deciding to shop, you may consider window shopping. It will help you relax and give you some fun time. Additionally, smart shopping has the following benefits:

  • Elevate your mood
  • Enhance your mental activity
  • Help you achieve the daily step count of the day
  • Relaxation and escape from the mundane routine
  • Bring freshness to new purchases

11. Take up Yoga

Like meditation, as mentioned above, yoga is a prevalent and effective method for becoming a more relaxed and easygoing person. For centuries, yoga has been practiced to clear and free the mind, giving people feelings of ease and tranquility.

Yoga is easy to do and takes only a few minutes daily. Additionally, people of any age and fitness level can do it. It works and progresses at your speed and comfort level.

Although yoga is physical, its benefits are both physical and emotional. Physically, it strengthens your muscles and creates flexibility and ease of mobility.

Emotionally, it is known to be a remarkable stress reducer. It balances the mind-body and heart-soul connection, giving you much-needed peace and ease.

Yoga is done through a series of stretches that are gentle and challenging. The stretches open the body muscles and lengthen the spine. It is focused on particular places such as your neck, back, hips, legs, and spine.


The benefits of yoga include:

  • Feel alive, peaceful, and relaxed
  • Mind becomes clear
  • Days become easier and more focused
  • Makes one feel young and energized

Remember that while stretching, you are also concentrating on your body and breathing movements, and your attention is solely on what you are doing.

You can search for several yoga tutorials and videos online and on YouTube. Several books are written on yoga; a famous one is "Yoga 28-days Exercise Plan by Richard Hittleman". Furthermore, you can even subscribe to magazines for stretch guides and focused movements of the body.

There is a Difference Between Loneliness and Being Alone

You may come up with many ideas for doing things on your own. The emphasis, however, is to understand why it is important for you to do things by yourself. Generally, solitude is considered bad in a world where humans are considered social animals.

There is a slight difference between being alone and loneliness. Loneliness suggests some extreme exclusion or no interest in socializing. On the other hand, preferring to be alone doesn't necessarily involve cutting off from the social world.

Several studies in Positive Psychology recommend taking quality time out for yourself as it is necessary for your emotional well-being.

The likely benefits of doing things by yourself and preferring to be alone include:

  • Enhances your social relationships since you get a chance to zoom out and consider aspects from a distance.
  • Give a boost to your ideas and creativity.
  • Enhances your focus and recall capabilities.
  • Gives a chance to make your interests a priority.
  • Makes you active and productive.


It's crucial to maintain a balance in your social and personal life. It's okay to do things alone as long as you feel good spending time alone and maintaining positive relationships.

Engage in newly found relaxation and seek more inspiration while preparing yourself to join your social circle.