Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

When it comes to flirting with a girl, there is no better way than to ask her the right questions. Not only will it get her to open up and engage in conversation, but it will also give you insight into the kind of person she is. So, if you're looking to start a flirty conversation with a girl, these questions are sure to give you the best results!

Have you ever looked at some of your peers and wondered how easily they could approach a girl, talk to her, and flirt with her?

On the other hand, you have been waiting years yet couldn’t manage to pull out a measly “hey”?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Today I will show you foolproof ways to flirt with a girl.

How to Flirt the Right Way?

Flirting is an art that some people pick naturally. In case you aren’t one of those lucky few, you don’t have to agonize yourself over it. You can learn any art if you practice it enough. Here are some tips for flirting the right way:

  • Confidence is key when talking to a girl. This includes your body posture and the way you talk. It would be best if you always stood up straight and your eyes should not be anxiously moving at places, especially the ground. Your voice should have enough volume so that she can hear what you are saying.
  • Looks necessarily don’t matter when you are flirting with a girl but keeping yourself neat and tidy is a necessity. Taking a shower, dressing up nicely, and using nice cologne will bring you a long way. Last but not least, hair makes up half of your personality, so make sure your brush them properly.
  • Introduce yourself joyfully. This does not mean you should be laughing hysterically, but a smile works best. Keep eye contact as it is one of the best ways to connect with people.
  • Compliments are important. Once you have properly introduced yourself and both of you start talking, you should subtly throw in a small compliment. It can be about her facial features or even the way she thinks; emphasis on subtlety, though.
  • Don't act creepy. It is better not to invade her private space. Being creepy is the biggest turn-off for any girl, so make sure you keep your distance, verbally and physically.
  • Always remember that no means no. You can’t woo every girl you set your eyes upon, even if you are the god of flirting. Respect her choice if she rejects you.

Flirty Questions to Ask A Girl

Once you have made proper introductions and made a connection, it’s time to get to know her better. Asking questions has always been the best way to get to know someone.

One thing to remember, though, you are the one asking questions, so make sure you listen to her properly too.

Questions to Make Her Laugh

Humor is the best way to win a girl’s heart, so try to begin with some questions that ought to make her laugh. Some of those questions could be:

1. What is your worst date story?

This question will make her laugh while she thinks about it and teach you what not to do if you two started dating.

2. If you were a bird, whose car would you poop on first?

This question will not only make her laugh but also make her share more with you. She will feel more comfortable with you if she tells you about the people she dislikes.

3. Tell me what my cat would think of you if you met him?

This is a weird and cute question; this will definitely make her chuckle. This question will also get her up-close and personal with you while keeping appropriate space.

Questions About Her Life

Once you have managed to make her laugh, she will already start to feel comfortable with you. Now, it is time to get to know the real her. Some of the questions you can ask are:

1. What is the one thing you are most passionate about?

Asking about her passions is a sure way to light her up. People love to talk about things they are passionate about. This question will make her talk for longer than you think.

2. How do you think a perfect date should be?

Do I even need to explain? This will give you many ideas to think about what you have to do in the future. Girls love it when you remember and do things they love.

3. What are your favorite movies?

This will tell you a lot about her personality and give you an idea of what to watch if you two end up on a movie date. Although, never take a girl to movies on the first date.

Question Her About Yourself

Once you have gotten to know her, you need to know what she thinks about you. Asking the right questions will let you know if you have a future with her or not; if yes, then what kind? The questions you can ask her about yourself would be

1. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

This question will tell you a lot about how she feels about you. One of the most important things you’ll get to know from this question is whether you are her type or not.

2. What kind of vibes do I give off?

This question will help you know if she is comfortable with you or not. It will also tell you if you have overstepped your boundaries in any way.

3. Would you ever date someone like me?

This question will answer all your curiosities. If she says yes to this question, then this is a sign for you to ask her out.

Love & Romance Questions

If you want your date with this girl to go well, you really need to know what she thinks about love and romance. If you like the girl and want to keep her interested in you, you need to focus on her romantic needs. You can ask these questions to know more:

1. What is the one thing you would want your man to do for you?

This question will tell you a lot about the kind of man she wants to be with. Her answer could be anything from cooking for her or bringing her chocolates every time she is angry.

2. What makes you feel closest to a person?

This is one of the most romantic questions you can ask a girl. Once she answers this question, you need to answer the same question to create a better bond.

3. What is the most romantic place you would like to visit?

Believe it or not, this will not only make her tell you her dream romance destination but also delve deeper into her thoughts on romance and love.

Questions to Open Her Up

Let’s face it; the questions we have covered are not enough to know her completely. If you are actually interested in the girl, you will want to know everything about her. Her likes, dislikes, and even the questions, the answers to which she keeps quiet to herself. You can begin with:

1. What is something that people think about you that is absolutely false?

This is a question that will make her feel special. She will feel understood and like the fact that you want to know her better and like to listen to her.

2. What is your worst childhood memory?

Our life experiences and memories make us who we are. This is one of those questions that will make you dive deeper into her life. If she answers personal questions like these, this means she trusts you.

3. Which relationship or friendship has had the most impact on your life?

This is an open-ended question but profound question. She might talk about someone who has impacted her life in either a bad or good way. Anyway, this will create a stronger connection between you two.

Random Flirty Questions To Ask Her

Now enough, with all the meaningful questions, sometimes you have to be completely random to get closer to the girl you like. Random questions can fall into any category I have mentioned above. They can be as follows:

1. Would you rather be rich or find your soul mate?

This will tell you a lot about her priorities. If she answers with the former, then this question can also become an open-ended one, and you can continue with another question like whether she would like a rich man or make her own money.

2. What is your favorite type of music?

Let me tell you a secret if a girl sends you songs to listen to, those are for you to understand her feelings. Music is the ultimate language of love.

3. If you found Aladdin’s lamp, what are the three wishes you would ask for?

Although this is a completely random question, it will make her tell you her deepest desires. Do you know why? Because she will talk about the impossible things, she wants to achieve in life.

Questions to Ask Over Text

Okay, so let’s say that you vibed with someone over social media. It can be either through Instagram, Tinder, or even Twitter. How do you hold a conversation? There is a lesser chance of boredom when you are talking face to face as compared to texting. Here are some ways you can keep the conversation interesting over texts.

1. Tell me about one super power you want to gain, and what would you do with it?

The second part of the question can make your chat longer and also give you a lot to talk about. Once she answers, you can answer the same question to have a long conversation with her.

2. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during childhood?

Childhood stories of embarrassment are not only fun, but they are detailed, and there is never only one. It is a topic both of you can talk all day about.

3. How was your day?

This is the most important question you can ask her. Asking someone about their day can brighten even the dullest of days.

So now I have given you enough information to start, it is now time to gather the confidence to go and talk to the girl you like. Always remember, it is better to try and fail than never give it a try at all. Good luck!