How to Read the Signs and Know if She Likes You Over Text: A Guide

Are you struggling to read between the lines and figure out if that special girl you like is into you too? We feel your pain! Trying to decipher the nuances of text messaging can feel like a full-time job. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

It feels great to have somebody who loves you, is concerned, and offers unconditional support. If you play your cards right, you can get somebody special. But how to tell if a girl likes you through text?

Notice Her Texting Behaviour

Do you notice your conversations with her? Observe the following:

  • She uses a lot of emojis in conversations to express herself.
  • She initiates most of the chats: of course, she is thinking of you in those moments!
  • Her responses have a lot of details: To ensure you know the exact thing.
  • She stays in touch almost every day.
  • Asks you personal questions: about your hobbies, friends, favorite movies, etc.
  • In her messages, she frequently gives updates on herself to keep you posted.

If a girl talks about her life, it clearly indicates that she is interested in you. Additionally, she trusts you enough to share the most intimate details. She is open to sharing her life, opinions, and plans. It signifies that she likes you.

Her Wide Smile

How can you make sure that she actually likes you? Here's how:

  • She is happy to see your message. People around can observe her excitement.
  • She replies to you instantly, more often than not, with a loving smile and warmth.
  • On special days, she overlooks your shortcomings, such as late replies that might typically upset her. Instead, she is excited to share her special moments with you.
  • Generally, she is graceful and vocal about her likes and dislikes. This shows that she wants to keep communication clear between the two of you.
  • She appreciates your existence even when you are busy. Just a little message or even a reply will mean the world to her.
  • Calls/messages from work or class just to be in touch. All she wants is to ask if you are doing okay.
  • She takes your side when you are upset with someone else. She will listen to everything patiently and come up with solutions.
  • She will tell you that you are special to her. It might be obvious, or it might not be but she has been telling you all along in some way.

At this point, you have to understand that both men and women communicate differently. You may find her communication indirect and sometimes in a lot of detail, which indicates that she has already engaged you in her thoughts.

She often thinks about you and looks forward to hearing from you. There might be instances where communication isn't direct or evident enough for you to understand. She might be shy or scared to irritate you so pay attention.

She Looks Forward to Hearing from You

She definitely waits an entire day to hear from you. Maybe a message, a snap, or a voice note. Here is a list of how she actually looks forward to talking to you:

  • Upon getting free from work, she finds you first to share her daily details. She wants to steal a moment to catch up with you.
  • Asks specific questions about your day that indicates an awareness of your schedule. For example, "How did your presentation go?" "What did you shop for?" "Did you eat anything?", etc.
  • You have to notice how she asks questions and comments on your messages, such as "you look happy today" or "you seem tired. She might shoot you a "you okay?" text and then ask about your day. This shows she cares for you.
  • She listens and notices all the details about you. She will silently listen to all your rants. You might not know it but she will remember it all.
  • You receive undivided and quality attention from her. Hands down, you will know she is not occupied at all.
  • You receive a random post tag on any social media that reminds her of you. Maybe it'll be about a meme, funny video, quote, or random joke between you two that she came across.
  • She plans many things with you virtually. For example, the next movie or book to read on the list.
  • She compliments on selfies/ pictures that you share. She will leave you lovely messages. There will not be any pictures of you without her likes or comments.
  • She will offer to listen even when she is tired. Yes, she will go out of the way to do this for you.
  • She will schedule extra time even when traveling to avoid missing out on a call from you. This shows that even if she is occupied, she will definitely make up for it, even when you don't ask for it.
  • Being affectionate. Notice her warmth and affection that is exclusively for you.
  • Letting you know that she missed talking to you while you were away. You might even come online to see her "I missed you" messages.

These are a few reliable indicators that she definitely likes you. They show that she appreciates your presence and keeps communication open. Even if you come up with excuses for not talking, she will find ways to communicate with you.

She Is Cheerful to See You Online

This is a fascinating phenomenon. Whatever you say, she finds it amusing and enjoys conversations. She is cheerful and laughs shyly at the compliments that you give her. She even finds memes you share funnier than they actually are. Frequent laughing text behaviors are as follows:

  • Hahahaha
  • HAHAHAHAHA (this is different as it shows that she is ecstatic)
  • LMAO
  • ROFL
  • You're so funny, OMG
  • HAHAHAHHA only you can understand
  • FML, Why so Hilarious!

She Shares Everything

In her daily routine, she generally trusts you enough to share about her life. Apart from happy moments, she will also share troubles with you. She knows only you can be the one in life to share, for instance:

  • She shares about daily happenings and asks for your opinion. It could be as simple as picking a picture for a profile display, a color for a notebook, or as complicated as which new cellphone to purchase.
  • When you are late in replying, she genuinely shows concern about your whereabouts. She will ask about your health, work, or boss.
  • She is generally involved in the events of your life. It comes naturally to her.
  • She asks if you need anything to be delivered to ensure your comfort when going out.
  • She is a patient listener when you express any concerns and actively gives suggestions for problems if there are any.
  • You will observe that she pays more attention to your messages/calls than other conversations she has on the phone. She might even share screenshots of other people's chats to show how much she trusts you.
  • Sometimes conversations last an entire night.
  • She engages in your personal life through your social media accounts.

She is comfortable speaking her mind to you. If you find it too clingy, try considering it as a compliment that she chose you out of all the people. Don't be annoyed; she will still be there for you.

Addressing Negative Emotions

There are all sorts of days, some have cheery vibes, while others make a person feel low. On gloomy days, especially in her negative mood, she definitely likes you, if she does the following:

  • She asks for support rather than dwelling on whether you are busy or who you are talking to. What matters to her is that you are around. If you are busy, she will wait.
  • She shares negative feelings without putting you in discomfort.
  • She validates your feelings whenever you are upset. She will assure your feelings are justified in the different circumstances.
  • She respects your boundaries and space.
  • She doesn't want you to pull away from her so she talks to you.
  • She shows interest in people you are related to and respects them, may it be your family, friends, or teachers.

Conversations aren't chirpy and happy all the time. If she acts wisely during the ups and downs of life, it is proof that she admires you.

Keeps Her Calm

If you only have one person with you, you would not feel lonely if you like that person. When you get awfully stuck or busy, she keeps her cool. She understands your situation very well. Her behavior will be reflected in the following way:

  • You make a mistake, and she doesn't say, "I told you so."
  • You disappoint her but she doesn't ignore you.
  • She doesn't make a big deal of your routine when you are busy.
  • You are stuck yet she sees the good in the situation, saying, "It's okay, I understand."
  • You forget to call her back, and she says, "it's okay. Will you forget next time?"
  • If you get sick, she checks on you to make sure you are taken care of.
  • She makes it clear that you are essential to her, maybe subtly or in an obvious manner.

It is good to remember that she considers all the platforms to stay in touch with you. She will notice you on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

Patchy Conversations

In the heat of an argument, notice if she behaves the following way:

  • When she understands your hurt, she apologizes and gives you space.
  • She asks for support without being demanding.
  • When you withdraw, she doesn't make you feel guilty.
  • While you recover and come back from a bad mood, she welcomes you wholeheartedly.
  • As soon as you apologize for a mistake, she receives it with love and forgiveness.
  • She will come up with suggestions to make everything alright.

Do you need more signs to know if she likes you? This all shows you that it's one of those special moments when somebody is there for you with open arms, warmth, and a wide smile and will you back no matter what may come.

She Will Go the Extra Mile for You

When a woman tells you she's had a dream about you, you know what's going on, don't you? It means she likes you. It's her way of telling you that you're on her mind. Really on her mind.

David Gilmou

She will definitely go out of the way to tell you how she adores you. She will tell in numerous ways that you mean something to her. For example:

  • She writes you a thoughtful and timely birthday wish. She will never be late in wishing you.
  • She offers you heartfelt congratulations on your remarkable achievements. You will feel her affection and adoration toward you in those texts.
  • She will be the first to respond or even leave advance messages in situations, for example, when you are traveling. She might even have a reminder list ready to make sure you don't forget anything while packing.
  • She narrates jokes that only you both can understand. She will give you a good laugh and cheerful times.
  • When you both are on a call, she expresses that she is listening by making noises such as 'Ahan, uh-huh, oh, or mmm" to reinforce that she is listening attentively.
  • She teases you on a lot of things, and you secretly want her to keep teasing you.
  • Generally, very chirpy video messages will be sent to you. She might even show you her pet or a recent project she is working on.
  • She shares a song that reminds her of you or her favorite music.
  • She is building up a connection as well as intimacy between you two. She wants to meet you in a cafe nearby for some heartfelt conversation or a thoughtful book-coffee scenario.
  • She shares her pictures and snaps. It could just be an early morning "Just woke up" snap or an "exceptionally beautiful in a new dress" snap.
  • She compliments you a lot. Why? Because she likes you.
  • Shares flirty messages to keep the fun alive between the two of you.
  • She either doesn't mention other guys with you or does it to make you jealous.
  • She is interested in your plans and wants to know more.

Deep Conversations are a Thing with Her

She's a woman, Smith. She likes attention. Real attention. So give her that and you'll make her happy.

J. A. Huss

If she enjoys your perspective on life, the conversation may often get deep. You may talk about past experiences or what you have learned throughout life. You may speak of social perspectives or current events in the world.

It will get even more interesting if your hobbies align with hers. For example, are you both pro-environmentalist or support the same football teams? Do you both like the same song?

The indicators mentioned above in detail clearly tell you if a girl likes you even through texts. Be smart and have fun while enjoying each other's company!

Assess Your Feelings Toward Her

By this time, you have an understanding that she wants you in her life. When you have such a sign in your life, it is a hint to consider her in a romantic way and take things forward. But first, you have to check your feelings and see if you adore her the same way as she does.

Such chemistry and like-mindedness on chat have to be mutual. If only one person keeps on initiating a conversation or talking, things don't work out. If you have been responsive to her and flirting with her, then maybe you like her. Conclusively, this is where you decide to take things ahead.

Reciprocate and Express

She likes you, and you know it. What's next?

Initially, you may find it hard to accept someone who likes the 'real you.' However, if you like her too, you may reciprocate. It is best to express in a manner that is highly personal, intensely thoughtful, beautifully executed, and a complete surprise.

Most girls also like a good sense of humor in return. All they want is a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously. You have been observing so far that she finds you the funniest person alive.

Protip: Dress up the way she really likes.

Take the Next Step

Plan a day at the beach or go to a cozy cafe and tell her that you like her. I advise you to take chocolates or flowers along as a warm and romantic gesture. The idea is to reciprocate the attractive energy equally. This is your moment to show that she is important to you.

Keep your phone in your pocket. This is a simple gesture to convey that someone is into you the way you are into them. You won't notice the absence of your phone because there will be compliments and interesting questions.